Artist Statement

For some, memory can inspire storytelling: tales of hardship, tales of hope. I have been compelled to paint or draw that moment in time. Always. Whether it was riding horses in the hills of southern California or exploring bright lights of the city, my experience is visual in nature. I strive to articulate that visual story with the color, texture, and energy each subject brings to the canvas. My inspiration for a painting, drawing, or photograph is not to make a social or political statement, but rather to find what I feel is the essence of the moment or subject.

Flowers have long been a passion of mine. Through the years, I have returned to this subject repeatedly with colored pencils, printmaking, photography, and currently paint. After many seasons of perennial gardening, I continue to be thrilled with spring time. Having survived the hardships of winter, a perennial brings forth new flowers and with it, hope. My work is currently focused on capturing the hopefulness of a new bloom. 

In flower portraits, my approach is to use my photography not only as a reference and a starting point, but also as a finished piece of art on its own. I can capture a moment in time of a flower's life with canvas and acrylics or paper and watercolors. And a bit of whimsy. On cold, rainy, gray Seattle winter days, it is a personal joy to share the color, energy, and hope for a return to spring in the cycle of life.